Harvesting Training Report

On 5 February 2014 Songhong Office held a training workshop on timber harvesting to the contractors that will operate timber harvesting at Phong plantation. This is to ensure that they understand well about procedures of harvesting process, such as PPE, sign board, usage of chain saw in timber harvesting operation.

  • Training started at 8:30 am at the Songhong Region office, and ended at 10: a.m.

The training contents in the morning session included these:

  • Pre-Harvest Agreement
  • Interim Harvest Inspection
  • Post harvest Inspection
  • Phong plantation map & Block ID, area for harvesting. 
  • Field practice in at Phong plantation from 10:10 am until 12:00 am.

Planning for timber harvesting was explained to the participants in connection to these issues:

  • Falling Direction
  • Making  a line for logs extraction to roadside
  • Logs transportation to the wood processing factory.
  • Tractor trailers using.

 In SH office 









In Phong plantation


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