Songhong Region Make Presentation of BOP

• Purpose:

    To present about BOP to all contractor and staff  to clear understand before doing operation to avoid the impact to social , environment ,health and safety issue and doing the best operational in LPFL plantation.
    To follow LPFL's policy
    To improve LPFL's operation in every year


- SH Managers, Contractors, Supervisors and Staffs

• The activity detail:


On 3-Jan-2014, time 10:00-12:00, SH region has held the meeting in SH office to present about BOP to contractors who working for operation P14 in SH region. Mr.Santisouk, Head of SH Region) has explained the new updated of BOP 2013 which related to all operations in plantation such as: Job safety analysis form, daily checklist for clearing, heaping, mounding, digging, planting, fertilizing, Weeding including Safety and Environment issue and etc…

After presented whole things to contractors and staffs, They have many discussion and share idea how to improve the operation to make good plantation, “that we have learned from previous year experience and find out the problem or weak point from last year to solve in this year or future for improvement the quality of operation to be the best” Mr.Santisouk said. Then all contractors and  staff understand the significance of BOP and They will work together and cooperation to each other and we hope this year must be better than previous year.

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