Use Gabion in the Road maintenance within tree plantations


Oji Lao Plantation Forest (LPFL). is a company specializing in tree plantation for commercial business, with already planted area of 22,000 ha (up to date) in Bolikhamxay and Khammouane provinces. The company now has tree plantations ready for harvesting of the planted trees in many blocks of plantations for timber as commercial goods. However, the road constraints within plantations is one thing required to be urgently resolved by the company.

There are several alternative methods can be used for road maintenance & repair, among others, to use  gabions in building river crossings on small rivers in the plantation areas is one way of company’s choice.


  • Using  Gabion to construct the fords (low-river crossings) so as to let cars cross canals/ streams/ rivers to enter/ exit the harvesting sites passing streams or rivers  in the plantation areas;
  • To enable cars access the plantation area in both dry season and rainy season;
  • To facilitate transportation of LPFL staff and people in the plantation surrounding areas  who travel on the roads passing the plantations.

Methods used

  • Installation of Box gabion should be done during dry season.

Please refer to LPFL Best Operating Practice.


  • Resulted in getting inspection conveniences in both seasons, either dry season or rainy season. Furthermore, the plantation staff could carried out an inspection of the whole planation to know the situation in details, to conduct safeguard, preventing deceases and pests spread in time;
  • People in the areas around the plantations can use the road all year round, they have convenient transportation for themselves as well as an easy transport of their products for sales in an outside markets while they also can buy required items from town for their family consumption;
  • Using  Gabion for building the fords (low-river crossings) is also considered a kind of environment-friendly establishments.
  • Water can cross-flow through the Gabion while it also helps reduce water flow velocity, as well as to reduce soil erosion in the upstream of rivers.
  • In the channel or rock holes inside the Gabion can be hiding place for small fish and some kinds of insects, and also a safe place for them to lay larva.
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