The Job Fair 2013 took place on 13-14 June 2013 at Dongdok campus of NUoL with presence of many companies, authority units and social organizations looking for labour that is appropriate to the activities of their companies or business entities.This is also an opportunity for the undergraduate students who nearly finish their study and those graduated students who are looking for a job. There are more than 40 companies joining in the job fair this year that had set up a reception desk to give job employments to applicants. The fair is of very much attractive event so that a lot of students and common people visited it.


On the occasion of this event, Our company- Oji Lao Plantation Forest Co., Ltd. has nouour to join the fair to announce job opportunity and internship programme under our project, which over 70 students have submitted their applications so far.


After this job fair event, Oji Lao Plantation Forest Co., Ltd. will select those students who have eligibility and readiness for taking internship (apprenticeship) in our company during mid July to mid Septemtber of this year.


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