LPFL FSC Certificate


         On the 5 August, 2013 The company LPFL (Oji Lao Plantation forest Company Limited) announced the FS FM      

     certification of managed plantations in the Provinces of Bolikhamxay and Khammouan in Lao PDR.

     FSC  (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international    

    non-government, non-profit organization, that has developed a system of forest certification, based on 10 principles

    and more than 50 criteria of good forest management as an international standard of forest management.


    The achievement of this FM certification through FSC is the first major milestone in the progress to a sustainable,

    socially and environmentally, empathetic business in Lao PDR. FSC has developed a brand and logo so that the

    consumer can identify wood products from FSC Certified forests. These forests must be managed in strict accordance

    with an international standard of forest management. The current area that is certified is 2

2,231 hectares (plantation area is 19,873 hectares), and is established to both

Eucalyptus and Acacia species.

The certificate Number:  SGS-FM/COC-009953

The FSC license Number: FSC-C117723

Date of Expiry: 04 Aug 2018       Date of issue: 05 Aug 2013


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