Management Policy

Management Policy

At Vientiane, 21th March, 2011

LPFL, Oji Lao Plantation Forest Company Ltd., is a sustainable agro-forestry company oriented around strong social and environmental values. There is great emphasis planted on sustainability with primary goal of profitability but with high regard for social and environmental aspects of the business.

We, the management and employees of a Japanese leading pulp & paper company, Oji Paper Company, in a shared arrangement with the government of Lao PDR; hereby adopt the Corporate Code of Conduct. Detailed as below. The guiding principles for corporate activities are based on an awareness of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, and on high ethical principles appropriate for an organization that enjoys the trust of society.

  1. Sustainability; We will pursue profitability of project and this will be the primary goal towards sustainability.

  2. Communication and coexistence with society; We will establish relationships of trust with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and local residents, through an active commitment to good communication with society. We will respect the culture and customs of the area of activity. We will contribute to the development and improvement of local communities wherever possible.

  3. Harmony with environment; We will maintain and develop business activities that are in harmony with the environment from global and domestic perspective. All activity by the company will be assessed to mitigate any negative impacts.

  4. Compliance with the law; We will complain with the letter and spirit of the law in Lao PDR, Japan and other countries, respect corporate ethics and all social standards, including common sense, and ensure that our business activities are fair and honorable.

  5. Achievement of all workers safety and satisfaction; We will take all possible steps to ensure that all workers for the company are safe and thereby offer an opportunity to achieve happiness and prosperity.

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