The Forest Management Plan

The utilization of this document is to orient all stakeholders to the purpose and strategy of the company and how it is to be accomplished. Rather like a set of “rules of the game” with the “game plans” clearly identified through Best Operating practices (BOP’s).

The use of the FSC Principles & Criteria (FSC P&C) frame work and a well practiced Occupational Health and Safety system are essential tools to achieve objectives listed below and also explicitly states long term commitment to the practices consistent with the FSC P&C. 

             LPFL forest management objectives

  1. Provide a flow of timber, and agricultural  products within specification and in a timely manner to meet commitments and the requirements of the business plan
  2. Provide and maintain a safe working environment for staff and contractors
  3. Maintain and where possible improve site productivity through better management practices and through a tree improvement program
  4. Identify and help protect threatened species and threatened ecological communities located on or adjacent to company managed land and where possible help local communities protect areas of significant value
  5. Maintain water quality, identify and manage well any wetlands and riparian zones on or adjacent to managed lands
  6. Maintain a balance of plantation age classes to provide a sustainable dividend to investors as well as maintaining long term social and economic benefits to the local community
  7. Limit adverse impacts of plantation operations to the managed lands
  8. Maintain or enhance environmental values on or adjacent to managed lands; with specific reference to wildlife corridors, pockets of  native vegetation of significant local value, such as spiritual forests within and adjacent to the plantations
  9. Continually improve the timber and agricultural resource and its management through directed research
  10. Protect the assets from damaging agents such as fire, insect attack and diseases
  11. Develop and manage good relationships with stakeholders and the community

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